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We are engaged with practitioners, technologists, regulators and industry experts to create intuitive products that are a step or two ahead of where healthcare is headed. Why? To free you to focus on improved patient outcomes and your bottom line.

Meet the Scribes – a team dedicated to creating tools that really work and which make a real difference dramatically improving healthcare information creation and management:

Scribe’s mission of simplifying healthcare through innovative technologies evolved from entrepreneur Mark’s past success in the management of organizations large and small. From founding his own Internet company to help organizations get online in the early days of the Internet to developing the winning strategy that led to’s successful IPO and subsequent $770 million acquisition, Mark has always been at the forefront of strategic thinking. He has over 20 years of management experience in finance, operations, marketing and technology with companies such as IBM where he helped to start the IBM PC division and later at Anixter where he helped formulate the strategy that fueled their growth from a $500 million company to $1.5 billion company. Mark holds a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science from Colgate University and an M.B.A. from Dartmouth College’s Tuck School. He also is currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Dean College in Franklin, MA. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, golf, cooking, drinking great wine, traveling with his kids and writing about his entrepreneurial adventures.

For the past 12 years Mr. Taylor has been CEO of Clinical Trial Search, Inc, a nonprofit which received seed funding for helping connect patients to clinical trials from the American Cancer Society. Mr. Taylor has wide and deep knowledge of information systems, internet application architecture, and web application design. He is the former President of Unee Incorporated which developed an electronic payment system for the US Treasury. Prior to that he was President of LightPoint Entertainment, a digital computer graphics studio at the Walt Disney Company. Mr. Taylor was also the Executive in Charge of production for the Michael Jackson HIStory world tour. Earlier in his career he managed the research and development activities for a variety of successful Silicon Valley companies. At Northwestern University, Mr. Taylor managed the development of a router product, PCRoute, distributed over the Internet under an open source license. Before the fall of the Berlin wall, PCRoute Internet connectivity was for many in Eastern Europe their sole means of person-to-person academic contact with the West.

John brings over 25 years of healthcare technology experience to Scribe. John’s entrepreneurship had an early start when he founded a successful technology consulting firm while still a student in college. His alma mater became an early customer. It was through his consulting firm that John first became involved in developing custom applications, wide area networks, telephony solutions, and document delivery and management processes for a transcription industry still in its infancy. For the last 20 years, John has focused solely on transcription and healthcare technology with hundreds of successful projects ranging from complete web-based dictation and transcription systems to HL7 interfacing, speech recognition initiatives, and EMR integration. Before joining Scribe, John was co-founder of TransPortal, a medical transcription service organization.
John earned a BS in Computer Science/Business Administration from Belmont Abbey College. Outside of work, John’s love of the great outdoors is reflected in his hobbies of fly fishing, hiking, trail running, kayaking, gardening, and large format landscape photography. John enjoys working with environmental stewardship and philanthropic children’s organizations.

Robert has utilized his 30 years plus of experience in government contracting, management, finance, marketing, and sales in a variety of global organizations. Robert holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Towson University. As Vice President of Sales & Business Development for an International apparel manufacturer, Robert lead a sales effort producing over $200 million in national sales over a 12 year period. Robert served as a CEO of a MTSO for more than 15 years serving its national and government clientele. Robert negotiated the acquisition of the MTSO by Scribe. Rob enjoys time with his family, serving his church, reading and snow skiing.

Catherine has utilized her 30 years plus of experience in management, medical records and lab work in hospitals and in multi-specialty physician office settings. Catherine is a graduate of Medix School. Catherine spent more than 10 years as Director of Medical Records for a large Mid Atlantic Orthopedic practice. Catherine was Founder and President of a successful MTSO for more than 15 years. Catherine joined Scribe after the acquisition of her company. Catherine enjoys time with her family, serving her church, her dog, cooking and reading.

DeLayce has been involved in the transcription industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles. With a move from Tampa, FL to Charlotte, NC, and with a busy young family, DeLayce made a shift in professions from commercial lending to medical transcription, and worked for 10 years transcribing within a large Carolina healthcare enterprise. In 2002, DeLayce took on the role of transcription supervisor for a start-up transcription service located in Charlotte and helped guide its direction and vigorous growth for 6 years. During that time, DeLayce developed skills in team management, staff recruiting and training, and quality programs. In 2008, along with two business partners, Chris Scheppegrell and John Stines, she became Co-Founder and Operations Manager of TransPortal. With an extremely talented team of managers, quality assurance specialists, and transcriptionists, TransPortal grew to become a very successful business providing dictation and transcription services to clinics and hospitals around the country, and eventually merged with Scribe in 2015.

DeLayce has been an active member of AHDI for many years and previously served as president of the Carolinas Regional Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity. DeLayce is one of a small percentage of those involved with medical transcription who has earned the Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) designation. In addition, DeLayce spent many years volunteering in assisting other staff members at TransPortal, as well as regional transcription professionals, with CMT study groups to help prepare them for the certification exam. Through the many years of membership, credentialing advocacy, volunteer work, and organization of several educational symposiums, DeLayce earned the designation of AHDI Fellow.

Now empty nesters, DeLayce and her husband enjoy travel, gardening, hiking, and culinary pursuits, and catching up and spending time with their three adult children as often as possible.

Lawrence has more than 25 years of experience in management and sales. During his most recent prior position as Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Maradigm Corporation, Lawrence played an important role in leading the company in the healthcare clinical documentation and information sector. Prior to Maradigm Corporation Lawrence served in a number of roles including Vice President of Sales and Marketing, National Sales Manager, Regional Director for organizations such as Genesis, Idea Integration, Allscripts and LabCorp. During his tenure with these organizations Lawrence was instrumental in developing customer support and sales departments, increasing profitability, driving revenue growth and increasing market penetration. Lawrence graduated from ISU with a degree in Business, Economics and Political Science.

For his entire career, Chris has worked in the healthcare market helping hospitals and physician groups increase productivity and profitability with innovative workflow solutions. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with degrees in Economics and History, Chris began his career with a successful 20-year sales position with Lanier Healthcare. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to found and lead rapid growth start-up healthcare ventures Archivus, and then TransPortal. In 2015, TransPortal merged with Scribe where Chris currently serves as Vice President of Sales. Outside of work, Chris enjoys travel and hiking with his family, talking over a great glass of Cabernet or good coffee, theatre productions, art galleries, cajun food, serving as a volunteer Hearing Officer with the City of Charlotte Code Enforcement Division, and continuing his entrepreneurial interest by advising a variety of start-up and early stage ventures.

Prior to joining Scribe, David co-founded a successful Chicago-based transcription company called Maradigm Corporation. For the past 15 years, he was responsible for creating marketing messaging, implementing sales campaigns, managing sales staff and servicing all customer and vendor relationships. Armed with a BA from Northern Illinois University in Corporate Communications, David has consistently displayed a positive track record for success in sales and relationship development throughout his career.

A veteran clinical documentation professional, Kevin has over 20 years of experience developing and managing the medical transcription and delivery process. His insight and know-how cumulated while working for some of the industry’s largest players. Working through assignments with increasing responsibility he went from customer-facing service roles to a regional director of the nation’s largest service provider. As a Scribe Sales Engineer, Kevin takes his hands-on management experience and adds value by improving business processes to help organizations meet their goals.

Tom brings to Scribe over 25 years of diverse experience in healthcare, engineering services and technology based companies. He is an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience driving leading-edge technology companies in the areas of business development, channel sales, and product strategy. Previous employers ranged from start-ups to globally aligned organizations. He has a strong background in finance and operations and has constructed, negotiated, and managed complex, creative deals involving equity investment, joint marketing programs, remote site start-ups, and technology developments providing organizations substantial revenue growth and market expansion.

Tom received a BBA in Accounting & Management Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan. In his spare time Tom enjoys traveling with his wife and kids and continuing his support of several non-profit healthcare initiatives providing them with strategic direction and substantial growth opportunities.

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