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Scribe: Enabling Healthcare Providers to Focus on What Matters Most: Patient Care

“Scribe empowers healthcare providers in creating and managing medical records, and more than 50,000 healthcare professionals use Scribe. Scribe is at the point in healthcare where the “rubber meets the road.” It’s where the patient sees the provider and a wealth of important and useful data is collected. Scribe was created with doctors, practice managers and administrators to mold the latest technology and services to the way providers work. ….”

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CIOReview: Scribe Named one of 2016’s 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers

“According to Mark Boyce, President and CEO, Scribe, “The key to efficiently collecting and analyzing data in healthcare is all about getting it right the first time.” This is precisely why Boyce and his team have designed a cloud-enabled platform capable of assisting physicians in capturing, creating, and managing appropriate healthcare information—right from the first time a patient visits a doctor……………”

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For The Record: Scribe VP John Weiss questions if documentation practices have gone full circle

“Today’s physicians have commands flying at them wherever they go. Click this. Don’t click that, but select this pull-down menu. Code it this way, but be careful not to undercode since you can get in as much trouble as if you overcoded. Make sure you have the right modifier. It goes on and on……….”

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