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Scribe Analyze

Make sense of your data.

Improve efficiencies with innovative tools that use the Next Generation of data and information management technologies. Make your data do more for you with Scribe Analyze:



  • See what’s really happening

  • Identify problem areas

  • Track and measure outcomes

  • Focus on areas for improvement

  • Makes your data actionable


  • Monitor and manage exceptions

  • View workflow volume and status

  • Ensure compliance with your goals

  • Prepare for and survive RAC Audits


  • Understand your patient mix

  • Research clinical outcomes, adverse events, drug recalls, etc.

  • Efficiently and effectively answer governmental inquiries


  • Provides a variety of role-based dashboards

  • Flexible reporting systems for each product

Scribe Analyze – NLP

Put the Next Generation Natural Language Processing (NLP) data analysis powerhouse to work for you.

We will configure Scribe Analyze so it works with your current process to provide real insight:

Stand-Alone or Integrated

  • Process data on premise or anywhere in the cloud with our stand-alone solution

  • Consistent, accurate, and complete data with our integrated Cloud-based solutions


  • Choose the preferred analytical requirements for your data warehouse when working with our data architects

  • Utilize our comprehensive, healthcare ontology, data dashboards and reports to simply meet most analytical needs with speed


  • Access the latest informatics and analytics tools


  • Easily incorporate insights into your workflow through comprehensive back office solutions to achieve:

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Productivity increases

  • Improved accuracy

  • Substantial Return On Investment (ROI)


Get the most out of your data

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