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Scribe Create

Complete, manage and communicate clinical documents with ease


Scribe Create is a family of cloud based solutions to create, manage, complete, and communicate clinical documentation. Choose the solution that best fits your needs and move on to more enhanced products and services when you are ready.

Scribe Create – Charting

If you’re tired of lost productivity and revenue, it’s time to hack your EMR. Charting lets physicians record encounters with dictation – the fastest, simplest and most complete method. Our virtual scribing technology then quickly and accurately completes patient documentation for them.

    • Make more money with complete and accurate documentation to comply with ICD-10

    • Securely completes simple or complex charts with as much discrete information as you need


Not ready for the complete charting solution? Choose our standard or interactive solutions


Scribe Create – Standard


    • Simple, portable, accurate documentation creation.

    • Access and manage information on any device or operating system with our cloud-based technology

    • Increase profitability while managing your workflow with our complete tool-set.

    • Easily transmit information to those who need it – referring physicians, patients, insurance companies, and more

    • Seamlessly integrate with any EHR and provide discrete or complete information

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