Case Studies


Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (NANI) was established in 1976 and is setting their sights on becoming the largest nephrology group in the United States. The physicians at the NANI study location sought a solution or service that enabled their physicians to quickly and accurately document a “value-driven” patient encounter into their EMR with greater efficiency and less cost than their previous workflow.

NANI and Scribe conducted a pilot program with the Mount Prospect, Illinois location that ran between January 11 and March 1, 2016. All findings in this Case Study were verified by both NANI and Scribe.


Billing Challenge  Recognizing and fixing lost or delayed billing opportunites

Time and Cost Challenge Optimizing the way providers and staff use their time

Data Mining Challenge Adding the ability to mine data within EHRs

Quality and Workflow Challenge Managing ICD-10 and regulatory requirements

Physician and Staff Satisfaction Challenge Reducing provider and staff burnout