The Platform in your Hands

ScribeMobile gives physicians greater freedom to focus on their patients instead of being tied to their computers and keyboards. Start with our ScribeMobile base and add on other features that fit your practice’s needs.
ScribeMobile’s Features and Benefits:
  • Audio and visual capture
  • Integration with patient schedules
  • Capture of EMR/EHR encounter tasks
  • Immediate uploading of voice, video, and photo files
  • Any patient record can be revised, reviewed, or edited from these screens. With one log-in, physicians can combine patient information from hospitals, clinics, surgery centers – where ever they practice or from any location – to access the perpetual clinical information archive
  • Refer to past patient encounters while recording a current visit
  • View patient macros while recording
  • Easy to share patient encounters with other providers within the practice, such as between a Physician Assistant and Physician
This video demonstrates how simple this app is to set up and use — and how it will turn your phone into an efficient platform for your clinical documentation.

Scribe’s CodeCompare brings coding + documentation together in one app to improve provider productivity, profitability, and patient care. This innovative solution lets providers document and code in one step which gives them completed documentation and an analysis of the coding based on the documentation before it is submitted for payment — leading to fewer denials and faster reimbursement.

Here’s a quick video overview of how CodeCompare works.