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Scribe Monetize

Be more efficient with modular Revenue Cycle Management tools.

Enhance coding and billing workflows to improve your bottom line. Scribe coding and billing tools are configured for the unique way your practice works ensuring back office management that is:

  • Quick
  • More efficient
  • More accurate and complete
  • Easily expanded as your practice grows
  • Hassle free

Scribe Monetize – Coding

Correct problems before you bill. Scribe Coding is universal to all coding systems for medical offices, clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals. Innovative technology enables complete documentation to be made correctly the first time. Advantages of Scribe Coding:

Integrated – one source, one simple solution

  • Scribe Capture and Scribe Create combine documentation and coding into one solution for maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability

Modular – Enhance your existing processes

  • Scribe Mobile Coding app creates documentation coded to your codes

Flexible – Focus where you need help most

  • Assist in the entire process or only address problematic areas such as denials, exceptions or incompletes

Accurate – quick and complete documentation

  • Avert denials

Scribe Monetize – Billing

Find relief from the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors, receive timely payment and know whether you’re making a profit. Scribe Billing is the simple answer to complete and comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management:

  • Scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Innovative
  • Measureable Return on Investment (ROI) results.
  • Adaptable to any organization
  • Compatible with any EHR


Streamline Revenue Cycle Management today.

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