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Revolutionizing Patient Care Through Advanced AI Documentation and Coding

Welcome to a new era of healthcare documentation, brought to you exclusively by Scribe Technology Solutions. ADAM™, our ground-breaking AI-based documentation and coding analysis tool, is poised to transform the way healthcare professionals approach their daily work.

Effortless Documentation at Your Fingertips

With the innovative ADAM™ system, clinicians can now record their patient encounters or dictate post-encounter notes with ease using ScribeMobile. These audio inputs are seamlessly processed by Scribe’s Cloud Platform, where ADAM™’s artificial intelligence takes the helm.

Precision and Personalization in Healthcare Records

Our automated solution crafts comprehensive documents, from SOAP notes to intricate encounter summaries. ADAM™ is designed to cater to individual provider preferences, generating personalized treatment plans, medication guides, and coding suggestions, all while Integrated with your EHR.

Always-on Access and Google-like Search

Through ScribeMobile, enjoy instant access to your patients’ information, supported by a clinical information repository with a powerful search function, ensuring critical data is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Streamlined EHR Integration

Why burden healthcare providers with additional clerical tasks? ADAM™ works in concert with Scribe’s robotic EHR integration systems, automatically populating electronic health records and distributing necessary information — without the extra legwork.

Unmatched Support and Customization

At Scribe, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team actively collaborates with each practice to customize documents and ensure seamless integration with ADAM™. Contact us by phone, video conference, or online chat — we’re here to help you.

Cutting-edge Accuracy and Adaptability

Powered by our partner Soniox, Scribe’s speech recognition technology is a cornerstone of ADAM™. Our AI and rules-based approach adapts to each provider’s unique style, producing unparalleled documentation like never before.

Unleash Your Potential With Cost-Effective Productivity

ADAM™ is not just about enhancing productivity. Our usage-based pricing model means you’ll see significant cost savings along with increased profitability. Invest in documentation and coding tools that work smarter, not harder.

Transformative Impact on Patient Care

Better documentation translates to superior patient care. With ADAM™, comprehensive and precise patient records become the standard, empowering you to offer the highest quality care.

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Mark Boyce, CEO of Scribe, with over 20 years in the healthcare documentation sector, understands the crucial need for efficiency. “With ADAM™, we’re excited to significantly reduce the 23% of time healthcare providers currently spend on documentation, enhancing productivity, and patient care.”

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