Using Technology to Improve Productivity, Profitability, and Patient Care

Listen to DojoLive! hosts talk with Scribe’s CEO, Mark D. Boyce, on how technology can be leveraged to allow providers to focus on what matters most – patient care.

An Innovative Solution for Telehealth

Scribe TeleCare is an innovative solution that is providing opportunities for healthcare providers to continue to service their clients AND have completed documentation to support the care of their patients and facilitate reimbursement with one easy to use tool.

In this interview in “The Enterprise World”, Mark D. Boyce, President and CEO of the company, talks more about Scribe’s solutions and journey.

Innovative Technology Tools for Healthcare Providers

Scribe Technology Solutions offers innovative technology tools to healthcare professionals. These solutions help providers create, manage, and communicate the complexities of healthcare documentation by returning flexibility and control to their practice.

As healthcare continues to change and evolve, Scribe is ready to deploy its expertise and flexibility to help providers improve their profitability, productivity, and patient care. Read the CIOReview overview and profile of Scribe.

Enabling Providers to Focus on Patient Care

Scribe is transforming healthcare by simplifying workflows, increasing physician’s productivity, making information more accessible and valuable.

Scribe believes that the only constant thing in the healthcare industry is that it is always evolving. Scribe’s agility and flexibility proves to be strong assets to be able to adapt to the fast pace of this change. The company strives to pave its path through continuous innovation and enhancements. 

Read the InsightsCare article to learn how Scribe’s solutions give providers tools to better serve their patients.

Always at the Forefront of Strategic Thinking

In the healthcare industry, change and evolution are constant. In the coming years, the transformation may lead healthcare providers to reconsider their profession, due to high burnout. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is also very much likely to advance and contribute more to the industry. And having portable information to take care of patients wherever they are – in person or remotely – is going to be key to achieving cost reductions and improved care. Read how Scribe’s strategic planning can alleviate burnout and help improve productivity, profitability, and patient care.

Simplifying Medical Records to Operate Better with the Cloud

Scribe Technology Solutions is headquartered in Naples, Florida. Southwest Florida Business Today’s October 2019 issue highlights entrepreneurs from the area including Scribe’s President and CEO, Mark Boyce.

Scribe Technology Solutions: Speech-Dictated Medical Record Management

CIOApplications recognizes Scribe as a leading company in the forefront of tackling customer challenges. Read how Scribe’s platform offers flexibility, control, and productivity to healthcare providers in the efficient creation and management of medical records.

Simplifying Work-Flows and Increasing Physician Productivity Using Scribe’s Cloud-Enabled Platform

Mirror Review chats with Mark D. Boyce, President and CEO of Scribe Technology Solutions. Mark shares his contributions to and views on the healthcare industry. Likewise, Mark points out Scribe’s unique range of solutions and how his company stands apart from its counterparts.

Scribe: Empowering Healthcare Providers in Creating and Managing Medical Records

CEO Mark D. Boyce and COO Tom Luther discuss disruption in the healthcare sector and how Scribe’s solutions are forward-thinking and make significant improvements for providers’ profitability, productivity, and quality of care.

Scribe again named a “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Provider” in 2018

“Our robust platform enables physicians to capture, create, monetize, analyze, and communicate clinical documentation, from anywhere, anytime, and from any type of device,” CEO Mark D. Boyce quotes in CIOReview.

Scribe: Enabling Healthcare Providers to Focus on What Matters Most: Patient Care

Scribe empowers healthcare providers in creating and managing medical records, and more than 50,000 healthcare professionals use Scribe. Scribe is at the point in healthcare where the “rubber meets the road.” It’s where the patient sees the provider and a wealth of important and useful data is collected. Scribe was created with doctors, practice managers and administrators to mold the latest technology and services to the way providers work. ….”

CIOReview: Scribe Named one of 2016’s “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers”

“According to Mark Boyce, President and CEO, Scribe, “The key to efficiently collecting and analyzing data in healthcare is all about getting it right the first time.” This is precisely why Boyce and his team have designed a cloud-enabled platform capable of assisting physicians in capturing, creating, and managing appropriate healthcare information—right from the first time a patient visits a doctor……………”