Actionable Analytics for Healthcare

What is Scribe Analyze?

We take healthcare data from a wide variety of sources, normalize it, and make it accessible using easy to understand tools and dashboards.  It becomes “actionable” when we apply our unique technology to enhance and normalize the data and store it – put all in one place allowing providers, management, and researchers to quickly and easily find the right information to make decisions.

How does this work?

  • Everything begins with the Patient Encounter Documentation – no matter if the provider charts the encounter through Live Scribing or traditional methods.
  • This encounter information is processed with Scribe’s innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) System where the date is enhanced with medical codes.
  • Along with the enhanced coded data, provider and patient demographics are input to Scribe’s Clinical Data Warehouse to provide a more complete picture.
  • Other data sources may be added to the data warehouse if desired by the provider or organization.
  • This rich Information is normalized in the data warehouse so that our dashboards and analytical tools can easily access the information for use by providers, management, and researchers.
Dashboards and Analytic Tools

We have many standard analytical dashboards that are included with our platform. We work with you to further customize these or add additional Analytic Dashboards to meet the needs of your practice. Standard dashboard topics include:

  • Age Distribution
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Age Distribution Trend
  • Top Medications by Age
  • Top Medications by Diagnosis
  • Top Medications by Provider
  • Top Procedures
  • Top Procedures by Diagnosis
  • Top Procedures by Provider
  • Top Diagnosis
  • Top Diagnosis by Geography
  • Top Diagnosis by Procedure
  • Raw Data Dashboard
Operational Statistics
  • Encounter Documentation Average Time by MD
  • Encounters by MD Trend
  • Code Compare Summary

All dashboards are interactive. This allows users to click on dashboard components to quickly drill down and understand individual observations, filter summary information, and easily slice data in ways that are important to them. Dashboards are not static – they are the entry point to being to explore the data in your clinical data warehouse. Within each dashboard, you can inspect the data for more detail and even download it for further analysis.

Below are some samples images of our dashboards:

The Result

Scribe Analyze provides invaluable tools to unlock the power of your clinical information in a simple, easy to use cost-effective platform that is flexible enough to meet your analysis needs today and well into the future.

Whether it’s clinical research, cost-effectiveness, productivity analysis, or simply enhancing clinical care, Scribe Analyze is the platform to use to make your data work for you.

We bring documentation and coding together to simplify the coding process and ensure accuracy and completeness. The prospective coding streamlines the billing process and results in improved profitability with fewer errors and rejections by showing providers if the documentation they created matches the codes they’ve selected or if they have missed coding opportunities.

CodeCompare requires the use of the ScribeMobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Learn more about CodeCompare.

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