Cloud-based Patient Encounter Workflow Solutions

Taking care of your patients is what matters most professionally.  But if the process to create documentation is not efficient nor complete and accurate for that encounter, patient care, productivity, and profitability all suffer.
Customize a solution for your needs:

Let our workflow engineering team design a documentation solution for you as a stand-alone system or part of a complete package of Scribe back office Solutions. Don’t worry – no need to change your current practice management or EHR system. We work with everyone – even those still using paper!

We make it simple and easy for you to get started:
  • Step 1: Our sales engineers work with you and your staff to optimize your workflow and documentation based on each provider’s individual needs.
  • Step 2: Simply use ScribeMobile, our mobile app, and you’re ready to go.

If you’d like to try before you buy, our team can get you started with a no-risk free pilot.
Our solutions will make you, your family, your practice, and your wallet happier! The key is that our solutions give increased Productivity, higher Profitability, and improved Patient Care.

Typical productivity improvements for providers range by 30-40% . See more patients or spend more quality time with family & friends…..


And because you can simply dictate your encounters, you can provider richer and more accurate information, allowing you to be properly compensated for them….

Patient Care

Which means you can also have better information to manage the care of your patients and spend time observing them, not your computer!

Once you’ve started:

  • 24 x 7 Support
  • a specific account manager
  • we continue to monitor all legal requirements from CMS and other agencies to ensure we strictly follow them
  • our cloud-based technology securely meets all HIPAA requirements.

Encounter Solutions

With our flexible technology-driven solutions you can have a workflow tailored to your specific needs.  We offer two complementary solutions designed to facilitate an optimal workflow vs. cost tradeoff.

LiveScribe – when you need things done now LiveScribe helps you get encounters documented, orders entered, and information updated in real time.  Our app allows a remote Scribe to securely listen in on your encounter and follow your instructions to complete whatever you need to be done.  You can even watch what they are doing.  But they are not watching you or your patient.  Just listening.  This provides you and your patient a much more secure and non-invasive presence than an on-site scribe, and without all the headaches and cost of an on-site scribe too.

ChartScribe – when things can be completed within a few hours, or you prefer to document your encounters after seeing a patient, later in the day, at night, weekends – our ChartScribe solution is for you.  Just record the encounter using ScribeMobile whenever you want and our ChartScribe will take care of all the rest.

You can combine both LiveScribe and ChartScribe.  Use LiveScribe to get orders entered immediately and then ChartScribe to document the rest of the encounter at your convenience.  Our workflow engineers will help you leverage both to get the right solution for you.

Both solutions offer the same features & benefits.  The only difference is the turnaround time and price.

Features and Benefits of Scribe’s Solutions
Voice Capture: User-friendly capabilities using ScribeMobile, phone lines, and digital recorders
Clinical Documentation: Secure cloud-based portal to access, edit, review, archive, and transmit patient encounters
Chart Completion: Rapid turn-around time for chart completion into any EMR/EHR
Order Entry: Live Scribe capabilities for detailed, specific, and unique order entry
One Schedule: With ScribeMobile, consolidate the schedules from your clinic, surgery, hospitals – any place you practice
Universal Capability: Scribe works with any EHR/EMR, and any type or size of medical practice. We can tailor a solution for any specialty
Patient Communications: Mobile pre-authorization screening services and appointment reminders and scheduling option increase productivity and reduces staff time
Coding: We’ll add the correct coding to your encounter for fast and accurate submissions, fewer denials, and improved receivables
Set-up: We tailor a solution that fits your workflow and engages with the technology you already use